Critical Universal Battery Pack Bundle

Turn your favorite rotary machine into a wireless powerhouse with the Critical Universal Battery. Available in both RCA and 3.5mm (Cheyenne) connection types, this battery pack is compatible with most rotary machines. The Critical Universal Battery offers an ergonomic, balanced, and intuitive interface that provides an experience of true freedom.

Bundle options include Universal Charging Dock with option of:

2 3.5mm (Cheyenne)
1 RCA & 1 3.5mm (Cheyenne)
Keep your workstation organized while charging your Critical Universal Batteries with the Critical Universal Battery Dock. Compatible for both RCA and 3.5mm connection type batteries. 

This dock features a no fuss easy battery swap, so you can swap out batteries quickly with just one hand. Built in magnetic bottom allows unlimited mounting capabilities for easy access during your tattooing sessions.


Universal Battery Pack

Compatible with most rotary brands
Featured jumpstart assist for large needle groupings and hard starting motors 
Available in both RCA & 3.5mm (Cheyenne) connections
Critical Core = consistent and stable voltage output
Dual charging capable dock optional
Light weight and balanced
Intuitive user interface
Up to 10+ hours of tattoo time (depending on voltage use and machine)
Voltage Range 4v-13v
Universal Battery Dock

Compatible for both RCA & 3.5mm Critical Universal Batteries 
Two charge slots for Universal Critical Batteries 
Unlimited magnetic mounting capabilities 
Batteries fit easily, precisely & will stay in place at most angles 
Quick battery swap; "one handed battery change" 
Approximately 2-3 hrs charge time from depleted to full